The Show

Welcome to the Big Time

In today’s world of cable television; outdoor shows and self-proclaimed outdoor experts are a dime a dozen. How do you break through the clutter of the “wanna be’s” and the “has beens” to find the true innovators in this cut throat industry? You go straight to the source – the true ex- pert – the only expert - you go to Jimmy “Big Time” Miller and BIG TIME PRODUCTIONS.

Jimmy Big Time is a tongue-in-cheek “mocumentary” that goes behind the scenes of fictional hunting and fishing legend Jimmy “Big Time” Miller to show how his outdoor television pro-gram is made.

In this rare, all access pass, Jimmy lets us into his world – Jimmy’s World. See what it takes to produce this “award winning” show, the people that make Jimmy who he is, and the machine the world knows as “Jimmy Big Time”.

Outdoor enthusiasts and non users alike will appreciate the blunders and floundering of this arrogant “legend” and his cast of misfit staffers. If you’ve ever wanted to be an outdoor televi- sion host or have had dreams of having your very own TV show, then you need to watch this hilarious series. If you’ve ever watched an outdoor show and wondered “how does this even make it on the air?” you will appreciate this irreverent and humorous look at the outdoor world.

It’s “The Office” meets “Tool Time” in this humorous blue collar look at the world of outdoor television production.